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How you can donate:
Through Fordham's Annual Fund appeal, you can designate your gift to "The Mimes & Mummers Fund". The words "The Mimes & Mummers Fund" must appear in the memo section of your check, or in the case of a credit card donation, on the reply form. Gifts made to this fund can be used exclusively by the Mimes based on their immediate needs: royalties, directors' salaries, material, costumes, etc. These gifts made to the Mimes through Fordham are eligible for tax deductions according to IRS codes.
Gifts in Kind: While we build our association there may be a need for extra funding to support start up costs. Please contact any officer of the MMAA Board if you would like to help in this way.

Where your money goes:
The Light Board:
Ever since our first informal reunion in 2000, many of us have asked: what could alumni do so that today’s and tomorrow’s Mimes & Mummers experience the best of what we enjoyed during our days on the Collins stage? Well, inspired by the 150th anniversary of the Mimes and Mummers, Mimes alum Ed Lenci (FCRH ’85) presented a matching gift challenge to us.

With ambitions to play a part in the restoration of our fabled theater, the Mimes & Mummers Alumni Association committed to raise funds toward a new light board system for Collins, and Ed Lenci agreed to match, up to $12,500, each dollar we contributed.  The result--a total of $28,505 exceeding our fundraising goal by 12%!

The new light board and necessary electrical updates to Collins were finally installed in 2011.

(insert picture of old light board on current website) (insert picture of new light board – forth coming)

In May 2012 the Mimes and Mummers students submitted a proposal for state-of-the-art headsets to compliment their state-of-the-art light board.  Due to the new position of the light board – above the audience in a room between the costume and prop room – students had to use cell phones to communicate all lighting cues.  After doing their necessary due diligence and obtaining approvals from the University the students purchased 4 HH Electronics HS15- CZ11450 Headsets (the best around!) and the necessary accompaniments.

(insert picture of students with headsets on)

Thank you to our many generous donors!  See below for a list of just a few:
Bank of America National Trust & Savings Corporation
Mr. Albert J. Bartosic
Mr. Thomas F. Beck, Jr.
Ms. Sally C. Benner
John V. Bivona, Esq.
Mrs. Christine H. Boris-Codan
Mr. Timothy D. Burns
Mr. Thomas J. Chromey
Mr. Christopher T. Cooper
Mr. Joseph P. Cristiano
Mr. Kevin J. Cristiano
Laura Byrne-Cristiano
Mr. Joseph A. Cronin
Mr. James A. de Prophetis, Jr.
Mr. Thomas A. Digiovanni
Mr. Steven R. DiSalvo
Mr. Ethan J. Downing
Mary E. Dunn, Esq.
Mr. Norman L. Duttweiler
Mr. Terence W. Engle
Mr. Christopher J. Falco
Ms. Margaret Ferguson Boyd
Michael T. Fois, Esq.
Mrs. Laura Fois Bosley
Mrs. Heather Fournier Truscinski
Ms. Joan M. Garry
Mr. Thomas B. Gilshannon
Ms. Patricia M. Gorman
Mrs. Karen O. Hahner
Mr. Patrick Harrington
Maura A. Healy, Esq.
Mr. John M. Higgins
J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation
Mrs. Andrea Kane
Mr. Gerald Karr
Mr. Timothy J. Kelley
Mrs. Jennifer H. Killelea
Mrs. Amelia Konopka Alapati
Ms. Mary Kathleen Kramer
Edward K. Lenci, Esq.
Mr. Nicholas Leshi
Mr. Stephen P. Love
Ms. Nicole M. Mancuso
Mr. James P. Manousos
Mr. Vincent C. Marano
Mr. Richard A. Mayora
Mr. Dennis D. McCarthy
Patrick McGlone, Jr. Esq.
Robert L. McLaughlin, Ph.D.
Ms. Natalie M. Medaglio
Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
Mr. Kevin J. Metzing, R.N.
Rev. James J. Miracky, S.J.
Mr. Jacob D. Mogray
Ms. Gail B. Molinari
Mr. Michael F. Mullen
Sally E. Parry, Ph.D.
Mr. Paul J. Pelkonen
Miss Kathleen M. Phillips
Mr. Francis S. Quinn, Jr.
Mr. Joseph Thomas Reiman
Raymond B. Ritchel, Jr. Esq.
Mr. Robert V. Sabatelli
Ms. Elizabeth A. Sabo
Michael J. Scotti, Jr., M.D.
Mr. Giacomo Selloni
Mr. John Peter Shambo
Miss Alexandra M. Shepherd
Mr. Douglas J. Sterner
Anna Marie Stewart, Ph.D.
Mr. Denis P. Sweeney
Ms. Carolyn A. Szala
Mr. John N. Tognino
Mr. Mark E. Truscinski
Brian K. Valentine, Esq.


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